Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bush Says He Will "Stay the Course", But As a Compromise He Is Willing To Call It Something Else

In a unexpected compromise, President Bush has decided that as "Commander of the Universe" he is going to "Stay the Course", but that as a token of bipartisanship, he has agreed to call his plan something else.

For now it is just known as, "the plan".

To accomodate Secretary of State Rice, they were going to call it "the augmentation plan", but they decided that sounded too much like a plastic surgery procedure.

Of course "the plan" does not contain any changes to the old "stay the course" plan, and is doomed to fail as well.

In fact, in a good article on the truth about the insurgency, one expert thinks that Bush and Rice are not telling us the truth about Iraq. Shocking.

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