Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bush Wants to Cut Budget For Social Security But Increase it For Iraq

How is it that the President is telling us that we don't have enough money to be able to fund social security or medicare, but there is enough to fund an escalation in the Iraq War?

Bush has already wasted $344 billion on his pet war in Iraq. Now he wants an additional $100 billion this year and $145 Billion next year. That is a total of $589 Billion.

That is a lot of money.

Meanwhile he wants to cut $70 Billion out of programs for Americans like Social Security and Medicare.

If we left Iraq now couldn't we use that $245 Billion for Social Security and Medicare? Why does George Bush want to cut benefits for Seniors?

Why does George Bush hate America? Why does Bush like Iraq better than America? Could it be that he and his greedy friends at the Grand Oil Party see the oil there as their personal fortune?


DTW 06 said...

He can play his shell game of working to "balance the budget" by cutting Social Security. Since the Iraq War is off-budget, he can pretend that spending doesn't really exist. I wish I could do that with bills I would rather not pay.

BTW - One Dem is still speaking about the lies that this outfit continues to spew. “Whose Slurring Who? The Bush Administration Needs to Get Their Facts Straight about Iraq”

Love him or hate him, Representative John Conyers (MI) brings up issues America needs to confront. [more]

That's Saul a lie, folks said...

Congressman Conyers can always be counted on to stand up even when others are afraid to do so. I have great respect for him.