Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Michigan's Republican Caucus Plays Follow the Leader

Given recent votes in Congress (or votes not to allow votes), the election last November, and recent polling data, it is clear that Bush's plan to "Stay the Course" -- but with more troops -- is not supported by the majority of Americans.

According to Dan Froomkin and the Washington Post,

* 67% of Americans disapprove of the way Bush is handling Iraq.

* 67% of Americans oppose sending additional troops to Iraq.

* 66% support reducing U.S. military and financial support for the Iraqi government if the Iraqis fail to make progress toward national unity and restoring civil order.

* 64% don't think the war with Iraq was worth fighting.

* 58% want Congress to limit the number of troops available for duty.

* 56 percent feel the U.S. should withdraw its military forces from Iraq in order to avoid further U.S. military casualties, even if that means civil order is not restored there.

Froomkin also reports that "63 percent feel they cannot trust the Bush administration to honestly and accurately report intelligence about possible threats from other countries."

Think about it. More than half of all Americans want Congress to limit the troops available for duty in Iraq and they also think we should withdraw existing troops to avoid further casualties.

TWO THIRDS of all Americans disapprove of sending more troops to Iraq, they disagree with how Bush is handling the war in general, and they are tired of paying for this failed neo-con experiment.

Just under TWO THIRDS of all Americans think it was a mistake to go into Iraq in the first place.

But, when asked to vote on just 2 simple and clear statements, except for Congressman Fred Upton, Michigan's Republican Caucus shamelessly supported Bush.

The two questions were simple:
    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That--
      (1) Congress and the American people will continue to support and protect the members of the United States Armed Forces who are serving or who have served bravely and honorably in Iraq; and
      (2) Congress disapproves of the decision of President George W. Bush announced on January 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional United States combat troops to Iraq.
These Congressional Reps Do Not Support the Troops But They Do Support President Bush:


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