Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Debate Analysis

Little Dick was clearly the winner in Tuesday Night's contest of who can say the oddest things. For example --

* At one point DeVos accused the Governor of "beginning right at the beginning". Gasp. How Could she!

* He also noted that "the governor asserted facts that are different" -- though he didn't tell us what they were different from.

* At one point DeVos said "We have not been able to get it done in our public schools." He didn't tell us what that was that was supposed to be done though -- painting the cafeteria perhaps?

* For a completely unknow reason he stated "Ford most recently announced a departure". Ford left Michigan? Funny, I think I just drove past the HQ yesterday.

* DeVos shamed the SBT as a "bad tax". Tax, go to the doghouse. Bad tax.

* Then there is the classic line where he said, "The governor is not the governor." Nobody really understands why he said that or what he meant, not even Little Dick himself. Maybe he thought she was an imposter!

Why was DeVos crying at the end of the Debate???

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