Tuesday, October 10, 2006

DeVos Has the Ability to Create Temporary Low Paying Jobs for All!!!

Dick DeVos has the answer for Michigan workers.

With the help of Little Dick, there are plenty of low paying no-benefit jobs available in West Michigan.

The people that work at Amway are all temporary workers.

DeVos not only outsources to China, but he also outsources to temp staffing firms.

The people that work at Amway are only allowed to work part-time and for less than a year so that DeVos and Amway do not have to pay them any benefits.

These are low wage jobs.

These are just the kinds of jobs we need in Michigan. Like Betsey DeVos has already said, Michigan workers are paid too much. Dick DeVos and Amway are trying to correct that problem. As Governor, DeVos will make certain that no Michigan worker gets paid too much. In fact, his economic plan will make certain they are barely getting paid at all.

(For those of you not living in West Michigan, Access Business Group, AMWAY, Alticor, Quixtar, etc. are all the same thing.)


Saul AnewAss
Chair, Michigan Grand Ole' Oil Party

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